I love capturing the small moments in our natural world. My passion for photography was born out of a desire to appreciate the glimpses I have had along the way. I am largely an outdoor photographer who loves to see both the big picture-landscape and sky views and the small-macro and worms-eye views. Most of my photography is shot in Vermont however I often take my camera when I travel and enjoy shooting in many coastal states as well.

I earned a Masters degree in Social Work and am a Vermont Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW). I have spent close to two decades in higher education teaching college students to be aware of human behavior and the surrounding environment. My education and career have heightened my appreciation to recognize the glimpse as the here and now and capture the shot to appreciate and savor long after I move on to the next thing.

We all have favorite moments-glimpses-that make us smile and feel connected. These photographs are some of mine.

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